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Would you like for me to speak at a function


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Please place your name, email address, and the topic you are looking for.  Please include preferred dates or number of hours you would like to reserve me.

I am willing to construct a speech on any number of topics involving  but not limited to: sexuality, intimacy, and/or gender roles. (Please note, I may need at least two weeks or a months notice based on the lecture requested.)

My standard speaking rates are $200 an hour plus $0.25 per mile. Rates can be negotiated on  based on function and or material.  A full day will be a flat rate of $1500 per day unless agreed upon later. 

In all cases, a non-refundable payment of 50% is required at booking. Partial refunds will only be considered if I am unable to attend the event.

Please note that for some functions, I maybe willing to work for a reduced fee or pro-bono. There are several factors that do go into this; however, it never hurts to ask.

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